Guide to Speeches

So, you’ve got the honor of giving a speech at a wedding. This is such a privilege! I wanted to take a few minutes to touch on some of the best speeches I’ve witnessed in order to help you deliver the best speech too.

First, I find that the absolute best speeches talk mostly about the couple. Yes, I know if you’re the MOH or Best Man, you might be wanting to focus on your friend, but remember this is about the couple so talking about a lot of stories of you two together should not be the focus.

Introduce yourself briefly and how you became the Best Man or MOH. This should be short and sweet.

The best type of speech includes emotion and a dash of humor too. I think the humor can be interlaced throughout your speech or at the very end by saying something like “now go make some babies” or poking fun at the couple in regards to their future.

Here are some more details for you… Here is the general speech outline for you:

  • Introduce yourself
  • How you know the bride or groom
  • What you’ve seen in them as a couple (what helps them stand out in your eyes)
  • What your hopes are for them as a couple
  • Conclusion and thank you everyone coming

Remember a speech length should be 3-5 minutes. Make sure you check with the couple about the timeline. Remember hugs at the end. Be sure to stand by the couple when you’re talking for the best photos too. You will do great!

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