Meet Caitlin

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Meet Caitlin


I’m Caitlin! I love to serve couples! It took me a couple of years to figure out that couples were what I loved the absolute most! If this means bringing you your favorite snacks on your day, kicking off engagement sessions with music or a drink, or just being someone you can fully rely on to cheer you on during all the planning, I’m your girl!

I am passionate about serving couples joyfully during that time because it can be stressful, but my goal for you and in doing my job well is so you don’t worry about a thing! I want to capture all the moments, emotions, adventures, love, and story of your day!

My first passion: I used to photograph Barbies and make cards for people with the pictures I took (my parents used to get all of the photos developed for me and let me creatively design cards for people with my photos).


Started My Family: I married the man of my dreams in 2011, and soon after, we started our family. We have three wonderful children that continue to fuel my creativity each day.


Serving You: Couples have my heart because there’s something special about telling your story through my camera so you can share it with the world. Knowing I can help you bring your engagement, wedding, and elopement to life brings me joy knowing you’ll have these photos for decades to come.



Continued Interest: I found a love for it in high school, continued through college as a hobby but made it a stream of income when we started to have our kids.


More than a Photo: My Mom got sick and things with photography and my business were put on hold. After caring for her and looking back on the photos and videos I did, I realized it was more than just a photo session. The photos and moments I capture create a legacy and leave people with memories that last a lifetime and bring immense comfort during difficult times.

“It would be my pleasure and honor to get to work alongside you to capture your special day”

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