Nine Ways to stay organized while planning your wedding

Ok, the part of planning that might be hard for some people is staying organized. After over a decade in the industry and talking with many couples, I have found the truth in what can help you stay organized. Here we go:

  • Get a new email address dedicated to your wedding for all things wedding ([email protected] or [email protected] (note: if you want to use it for the future too, I’d recommend just using your names or last name and not having anything wedding in there)
  • Have a planner inside your binder of all the info
  • Get a big filing folder for all the paper you are given
  • Make an electronic folder too where you keep everything sent to you
  • Follow a wedding planning timeline (your wedding planner should give you this otherwise there are plenty online)
  • Make your wedding website for guests to find any pertinent information
  • Create that Pinterest board of wedding inspo you love
  • Unless you’re going to put a picture on your thank you cards, start sending them out as soon as you receive gifts
  • Make sure your vendors all know what is going on and are included in any major changes

This is not an extensive list, but rather something to get you started. I hope this is helpful to you! When I work with my couples, I do go over all of this (and more) as well!

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