Advice for Speeches

Oh speeches! How I love speech time… why? Because I get to hear and photograph the people speaking all goodness over the couple who I’ve gotten to know too! As a photographer speeches typically occur around a time when I’m hoping we can squeeze sunset photos in there. So, here’s some advice so that we don’t miss the sunset and so that you can get those gorgeous golden wedding images!

  • Have two people give speeches during the typical speech time (whether this be your MOH and Best Man or a sibling, I recommend keeping it to two speeches)
  • Tell your speech givers, to try to keep the speech at 3 minutes or under
  • Have speeches as soon as you’re done eating dinner (the wedding party will eat first so naturally you’ll finish up before the rest of the guests)
  • If a parent wants to give a speech, have him/her give more of a welcome toast at the beginning of dinner right after the Grand March
  • If the friend or family member tends to be long-winded, make sure they’ve written it down or typed it out and practiced it so they don’t go over and get off-topic

If you are a speech giver, check out this advice for how to prepare a great wedding speech!

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