First Looks

I hope you know that no matter what you decide about whether or not you do a first look or not, that you decide what is best for you and what you want on your wedding day. I’ve been in the industry for over a decade and what is trendy will come and go. In this post, I’ll break down the bonuses of doing a first look. I hope that it is helpful for you if you’re trying to decide!

First and foremost, as a wedding photographer, I want you to know that your day is going to be amazing and the moment you see one another for the first time will be so very special – whether that be in your own intimate first look or when she walks down the aisle! Let’s break it down…

What I love most when couple’s decide to do a first look is the intimacy of the moment. It is just you two with some time together before the day gets busy. It is a time of pure joy that is sooo special and I love capturing it! I love to create a moment supplied with tissues for ya just in case!

Aside from the intimacy of a first look, here are some more bonuses:

  • It opens up your timeline a bit. You are able to do all portrait posed photos prior to the ceremony and afterwards just focus on the fun and photos between you two
  • More flexibility in your schedule
  • More time together during your special day
  • You are completely ‘put together’ since you just finished getting ready
  • More variety in your photos
  • You are able to get any nerves out together alone without a crowd
  • Two different and amazing reactions from one another captured in photos
  • Guards are down and you can truly let all emotions flow

For couples who opt out of a first look, check this out for a few other options that will still allow a photographer and videographer to capture some amazing moments for you!

Remember, no matter what you decide, the first time you see one another, will be incredibly amazing!

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