Wedding Day Timeline

Planning your picture list and timeline is something that is NOT up to just you to figure out! Your vendors should help you out. I include this in my consultation that we do at least a week before the wedding (earlier if you’re ready). The reason I include this as part of what I do is simply that it is important that there are other people in control of the timeline and day that aren’t you! Your job on your wedding day is to ENJOY!!! Leave the responsibility to everyone else.

To help you out, let’s go over two different timelines…

The first timeline we will talk about is if you decide to do a first look and the second is if you decide to not do a first look.

  • Photographer Arrives Photographer Arrives
  • Detail Photos Details Photos
  • Getting Ready Photos Getting Ready Photos
  • Get into Wedding Dress Get into Wedding Dress
  • First Look Groomsmen Photos
  • Wedding Party Photos Bridesmaid Photos
  • Family Photos Bride’s Family Photos
  • In Hiding Groom’s Family Photos
  • Ceremony In Hiding
  • Extended Family Photos Ceremony
  • Social Hour Entire Family Photos
  • Bride and Groom Photos Bride and Groom Photos
  • Grand March Grand March
  • Dinner Served Dinner Served
  • Speeches/Toasts Sunset Photos of Bride and Groom
  • First Dance Speeches/Toasts
  • Parent Dances First Dance
  • Sunset Photos Parent Dances
  • Dance Floor Opens Dance Floor Opens
  • Bride and Groom Exit Bride and Groom Exit
  • Photographer Departs Photographer Exit

This is a general timeline for both layouts but things such as the ceremony length, first look or not, number and length of speeches and the time of the year (sunset photos) will adjust the exact time you would plan each thing on the list.

Still deciding on these things? In this post I talk about the bonuses of doing a first look and trying to decide and in this post I talk about everything in regards to speeches/toasts.

I hope this is helpful for you! Remember, we go through all of this together!

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